Day: March 15, 2020

Sen. Arthur Ellis (D-Charles) (Maryland General Assembly)

Agritourism bill clears Senate, but clock is running down

UPDATE #2: It sounds like the agritourism bill may be dead this year after all due to the early adjournment. Sen. Arthur Ellis (D-Charles), the bill’s lead sponsor in the Senate, provided a statement to TLR on the bill’s status. “Unfortunately, because [the General Assembly will] shut down this Wednesday,

High Noon announcement

Public Service Announcement: Free Student Lunches in Bryans Road

With Charles County’s schools shut down in response to the COVID-19 pandemic, students in the Bryans Road area who rely on the schools for their lunches are in need of alternatives. High Noon Southern Fine Cuisine & Seafood at the Bryans Road Shopping Center will be providing free lunches including